Shop ’til You Drop at the Walt Disney World Resort | Disney Springs & Disney Outlet.

Hey there, magical people!

Welcome back to Disney on a Dime where I show you how to get all the Disney magic on a budget that won’t break the bank.

Today we’re talking about shopping!

I know what you’re thinking. This is a blog about saving money and I’m about to tell you about shopping? Well, yes I am and you’ll be thankful for it!

Clothing, accessories, and souvenirs are all words that make a Disney lover’s heart soar. Problem is, trying to buy these things in the parks isn’t exactly cheap. Lucky for you, I know all the spots that will help you save a bunch but get all the same magic.

First up, Disney Springs. Disney springs is the premiere shopping center on Disney property with shops, restaurants, and experiences for everyone in the family to enjoy. What makes Disney springs so great is that you get the Disney experience for free entry and free parking.

Disney Springs is home to variety of stores that offer great styles and to stores that offer all of the merchandise that you can find in the parks plus some. The three big Disney merchandise spots at Disney Springs are World of Disney, Once Upon a Toy, and Disney Style. The newly renovated World of Disney offers Disney merchandise ranging from costumes to cook ware at prices lower than found in the parks. Once Upon a Toy offers a large selection of toys that aren’t offered in the parks and Disney Style offers a large selection of Disney inspired clothing and accessory items for magical fashionistas everywhere.

Below I’ve attached a video blog I made about the grand opening of the Disney Style store!

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 10.09.12 PM.png

To those of you who aren’t Florida natives, let me clue you into a little secret. Central Florida is flooded with outlet malls. While you’re probably familiar with outlet malls, what you probably won’t be expecting when you visit the ones down in the Sunshine State is that they tend to be home to a beautiful little place called the Disney outlet. Oh yeah, you heard me.

Disney outlets are like a pot of gold at the end of a magical savings rainbow. Disney outlets are where over stocked, clearance, and rare Disney merchandise comes to find savings savvy owners.

Mickey ears, cook ware, clothing, toys, movies, tech, you name it, can be found at Disney outlets. Personally, I have found items that were ticketed as low as 80% off in a Disney outlet that were still sitting on shelves at Magic Kingdom for the full price!

For information on where to find a Disney outlet click the links below!

I hope this helps you save some money and find your new favorite Disney merchandise! Talk to you next time on Disney on a Dime!

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